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IT done right!

Predictable IT support in Richmond, VA for companies with 5-50 employees

Problem Prevention!

We anticipate and stop IT headaches in advance.

Employee Productivity!

We fix problems fast (and fix them right the first time).

Predictable Billing!

We make sure you always know what you’re spending.

Woman frustrated with poor IT support provider

Why keep paying an IT support provider that:

  • Can’t seem to keep your workstations working or your network networking?
  • Takes forever to fix problems?
  • Sends you unexpected bills you didn’t budget for?

You deserve outsourced IT support that saves you time and makes you money!

Woman frustrated with poor IT support provider

We take care of all that frustrating “tech stuff” so your team is able to do their work.

We’re prompt.

We understand time is money. We won’t keep you waiting.

We’re proactive.

We anticipate and fix tech issues before they have a chance to cause problems.

We’re predictable.

We won’t surprise you with extra bills. You’ll always know what to expect.

We know how vital it is to keep all your tech running smoothly.

That’s why our technicians are Microsoft tested and certified on workstations, servers, and cloud services.
In addition to our Microsoft and Office 365 expertise, our specialties include

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“Less stress”

“Our systems would crash frequently, and we never knew why. Now, we’re operating smoothly. Our stress is dramatically reduced.”

“Fast to respond”

“Todd and his team are extremely knowledgeable and always fast to respond.”

There are good reasons our clients stay with us long-term.

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Find out what good IT management looks like.

Woman frustrated with poor IT support provider

Experience the HelpDesk difference

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1. Get on the phone with us.

Tell us about your IT headaches and find out if we’re the right fit. No obligation.

30-Days free support

2. Get 30 Days of FREE, outsourced IT support.

You read that right. Try us out for 30-Days at no cost to you. There’s no catch. If we don’t impress you, don’t hire us.

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3. Get peace of mind.

Know you’ve got a responsive team keeping your data secure, your systems updated, and your team productive. Breathe a sigh of relief knowing your technology is FINALLY predictable, secure, and reliable.

We think IT should be hassle-free.

You invested heavily in cutting-edge technology so your team could serve more customers, more efficiently—and grow your company’s bottom line. Now, to get the most from all that expensive technology, you simply need IT done right.

Except that isn’t happening. Your current IT “solution” is a joke—the un-funny kind. They seldom get problems resolved quickly and almost never in advance. You’ve had it with them, and we understand. That kind of “service” is unacceptable.

At The HelpDesk Company, we're experts in outsourced IT support. What does that mean? It means you get prompt service. It means we keep your systems updated. It means we make sure your systems and data is safe and your team stays productive.

We’ll give you what you really want: IT done right.

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Woman frustrated with poor IT support provider

Schedule a 20-Minute Call

Use the calendar below to schedule a day and time for a HelpDesk representative to talk to you one-on-one about how we can help you and your business.

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