Why Do My IT Problems Not Get Fixed The First Time?

The answer lies in the services you employ. Most businesses prefer to go for the traditional IT support service model because it ‘seems’ cheaper.

This is the hours plus materials model (or team) that mainly focuses on the repair of business IT. Now this service model, in itself, is in complete contradiction to its promises. The model stipulates that something has to first go wrong for the customer, in order for the IT support guy to have any actual business.

But when their livelihood depends on getting repeat business from broken IT, how would fixing the problem once and for all be profitable? The answer is simple; it wouldn’t be. That’s why this service model is inherently flawed.

Your continuous IT problems can be remedied by simply shifting to a service model where the responsibility for keeping the IT infrastructure running lies on the provider of IT support services instead of the user.

The Managed Services model is the IT strategy a company needs if they’re looking for always-on computing for their workflow.

What Is The Managed IT Services Model?

The outsourcing of all IT functions to a Managed Services Provider (MSP) like the HelpDesk company is called the Managed Services Model. Here the IT support company takes complete responsibility of maintaining your business technology in exchange for a fixed monthly fee.

How Much Does This Model Cost?

The service models differ from MSP to MSP, but the most common factors that determine cost are:

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    Data consumption

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    Size of Infrastructure

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    Level of Services to be employed

Why Is It Better Than The Alternative?

  • Economical: In the traditional service model you, the customer, have to buy expensive IT hardware and software yourself, and then further spend more resources for maintaining it by hiring experienced professionals who are already hard to come by. But with the Managed Services model all IT services are provided by the MSP according to the clients business needs. You don’t have to bear any costs or expenses associated with management and maintenance of your IT assets, paying only a fixed, easily budgetable monthly fee.
  • Scalable: Pay for only what you use. All resources are utilized to their full potential and can be upgraded or downgraded according to your needs.
  • Uninterrupted Services: Quality and stability are assured, and with multiple backups, disaster recovery options, on-call IT services professionals, etc. Your business will remain operational even after a localized disaster.
  • Experience: Our roster of IT specialists include only the best and the brightest the industry has to offer. All our employees are certified and have combined decades of experience working in the IT industry.