Are You Looking For Comprehensive, Proactive IT Support That Won’t Let You Down?

When it comes to finding the right partner for all your IT needs, the most important factor in the search is fit. With so many players in the IT support field, finding someone that cares about delivering a high level of uninterrupted service is key.

The HelpDesk Company offers a full suite of managed IT services, tailoring each customer’s experience and IT support structure to their requirements. Our team proactively manages, monitors, and maintains your entire IT infrastructure with a budget-friendly approach.

Managed IT services is a comprehensive IT support strategy that gives you all the IT services you need within an easily-budgeted monthly subscription payment. We strategically streamline your IT processes, helping your small business detect and manage IT issues that may negatively impact your growth and productivity. The HelpDesk Company oversees the management, maintenance, and security of your IT systems, so you can focus your efforts on service delivery and revenue growth.

Key Managed IT Services Offered By The HelpDesk Company

  • Customized IT packages – We understand each business is unique. We offer 100% customized IT packages that suit your business.
  • Affordable monthly charges – We provide a variety of cost rates that fit your IT budget.
  • 24/7 IT infrastructure monitoring and maintenance – We keep all your IT systems updated to ensure that you have a dependable IT platform.
  • Secured backup and recovery services – We provide guaranteed data backup and recovery services for easy data access and a smooth recovery process in case of data loss.
  • Extensive communications management – Our extensive communication services make it convenient for your managing partners or staff members to share information with customers or product suppliers as well as other business stakeholders.

Tired Of Feeling Alone And Overwhelmed By Complicated IT?

Get the friendly team from The HelpDesk Company on your side today.

The HelpDesk Company takes a holistic approach to the care of your business IT. This process is much the same as the steps that you take with your personal healthcare. With preventative checkups, monitoring, and adherence to best practices, we ensure that your business technology is running smoothly and that potential issues are dealt with before they can become serious problems.

We Have The Answers You Need.

Our unlimited on-site and remote support will give you and your team the information you need – when you need it. Whether you are asking for assistance regarding the use of your technology or there is an issue with your IT that needs to be addressed, the employees that deal every day with our help desk requests are friendly and efficient and will act quickly to resolve your concerns to your satisfaction.

For those bigger issues, we offer our executive IT consulting service – Having an executive-level IT consultant from The HelpDesk Company allows you to get answers to the big questions of how technology impacts long-term plans and short-term initiatives.

Support For The Technology You Have.

Our line of business application support allows us to get into the small details of your industry-specific applications and ensure that they are working well with your other front office and remote work applications.

With our automatic patch management, we take the task of doing patches, updates, and upgrades off your plate so that you can use your valuable time in more profitable endeavors. As part of our automated services, we introduce remote monitoring into your IT environment to carefully watch for intrusion or anomalies that may cause you difficulties down the road.

But The HelpDesk Company support goes further than simple monitoring. We have the capability of doing all your IT vendor management for you so that you only need one phone number to get help and never have to sit on the phone with hardware or software vendor support.

Security For The Stability Of Your Business.

Your business can’t run effectively if you constantly have to deal with issues caused by spyware, malware, adware, hacks, and ransomware. Because the large corporations have fortified themselves against these threats, those criminals responsible have ramped up their efforts to injure and steal from businesses like yours. As part of a full-service cybersecurity offering, we deliver business continuity and security through managed: Antivirus, SPAM Filtering, Firewall Security, Anti-Malware, and Bot Net Filtering.