Who are the People Behind The HelpDesk Company?

The HelpDesk Company has been offering their computer support services and IT consulting to companies having fewer than 50 employees in Richmond for over 20 years.

By providing our valued customers with the support and services they need, we fortify their workflow as well as their network and data. We are proud to assist Richmond companies with realizing improved business continuity to enable them to recover from a natural disaster or ransomware attack with minimal downtime or disruption to workflow processes.

It is our goal to create a hassle-free IT environment that empowers our valued customers to reach their organizational objectives. We make IT our focus, so our clients’ day-to-day business demands and growth can remain their focus.

What Services Does The HelpDesk Company Offer Richmond Businesses?

The HelpDesk Company offers a wide variety of IT support services to resolve complex technology problems.

Our services include:

  • Managed IT Services – maintaining and monitoring your IT systems to ensure maximum performance.
  • Networking Services – provide networking technology and the support that keeps your business operations running smoothly.
  • Cloud Integration Services – allows seamless access to all IT infrastructures without geographical limitations.
  • Remote and On-Site Support – readily available support for IT needs whether at your location or support provided remotely.
  • VoIP Communications – enable your staff to use the Internet to make telephone calls.
  • Cyber Security Solutions – ensures maximum protection of your data, confidential information, systems, and workflows.
  • Data Backup and Recovery Solutions – provides unique backup systems, business continuity and recovery solutions.

Our team of professional technicians will tailor each client’s IT assets to the specific requirements of their industry.

We are proud to provide our Managed IT Services to the following industries:

  • Construction firms
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Small to mid-size businesses
  • Wealth management and financial services businesses

What Type of Company Is The HelpDesk Company?

The HelpDesk Company believes the key to successful relationships is a relaxed working environment which promotes critical thinking. Our clients find our friendly technicians are laidback and easy to approach, making challenging technology topics simple for our clients to understand.

Our company enjoys tremendous employee longevity with very little staff turnover in the twenty-plus years we have been in business. In an industry where the average technicians remain with their IT support firm for only 18 months, we are well above that average when it comes to staff retention.

Why is that? We pride ourselves on doing a good job at providing our clients with the tools they need to maintain secure and efficient IT networks and systems, and we work hard to support our employees via a positive working environment and empowering a proper work/life balance for them.

The HelpDesk Company is a group of IT professionals who value teamwork and who enjoy working with one another. This type of atmosphere primes each of our valued staff members for growth both personally and professionally and is well-reflected in the work we do for each of our valued clients.